Who's Belthazar? Where is he from? Find out more reading his biography.





Aypheros a Demon from Hell, and Holdfény, a Vampire living on Earth, often fought side by side against hordes of White Angels, Werewolves and many other vile Creatures of the three planes of existence. As centuries went by, their partnership became something more. They fell in love with each other. But they had to keep their union secret, because unions between creatures coming from different spheres of existence are not allowed nor tolerated.







Aypheros and Holdfény wanted to have a child who would be the first of a new breed, a superior progeny born from an unprecedented union. half Demon, half Vampire. Aypheros and Holdfény knew they could have been damned for eternity if they ever were caught.





Their son, Belthazar, was born among the flames of Hell. He grew up with his mother and father. As he traveled from one plane of existence to another, he became more and more powerful and one of the mightiest creatures ever existed. But soon, his deeds drew the attention of many other creatures, those from Hell who were envious of his optitude, those from Earth who couldn’t overcome his power and those from the superior planes of existence who felt threatened by Belthazar’s increasing might. Among mortals, there was also a sect of devout followers of Belthazar.





But Belthazar was becoming too powerful. During an assembly of the Supreme Council, the Angels accused Belthazar of being a dangerous creature, born from a forbidden union which violated the rules that regulated the three planes of existence. Belthazar could be the first of a new breed that could threaten the “Great Balance”. As other worried and envious creatures put pressure on the Council, it was eventually decided to turn Belthazar into a mortal and to reduce his powers as much as possible. Belthazar was therefore confined in the earthly plane of existence.






Stranded and damned, Belthazar spent some years in the shadows, with his followers.Then, he realized he had to find a purpose to the little time he had left to live, which was nothing compared to the eternal life he used to have. Belthazar decided to fight, using the little supernatural power he had left inside of him. Today, Belthazar is a warrior fighting in Pro Wrestling.