Born (1983) and raised in Losone, Switzerland.


In 2005 he started his career in Toronto-Canada trained by Rob Fuego and Kobra Kai at the lucha libre academy "Squared Circle Training". He became the first ever pro wrestler from South Switzerland.


In 2006 he made his debut in Europe and conquered the Italian Title.


In 2008 he has been part of a great 15 days tour across Canada with the BSE promotion featuring many canadian talents and several TNA sueprstars.


In 2009 he spent half of the year training with the WWE Hall of Famer Dudley Boyz at the Team 3D Academy and wrestled in USA where he went back another 6 times through the years for wrestling and training.


In 2010 he conquered the Cruiserweight Swiss Title from a former Claudio Castagnoli tag-team partner, Marc Roudin and fighting him countless times becoming one of the most memorable feud in Swiss wrestling history.


Also in 2010 he published his book "Make the first step in the right direction", a specific book for upcoming wrestlers and promoters.


In 2012 he started promoting wrestling in Switzerland bringing it to a high level it has never been before, with many high quality shows.


In 2015 he opened his own wrestling academy in Lugano where he's giving the young guys the chance to live their dream without having to travel across the ocean.


In late 2018 he had a health problem and was told he won't be able to wrestle for months, however in 4 weeks he made an unbelievable come back and conquered the prestigious "Lugano Cup" winning a 15 men Royal Rumble match.


In 2019 he conquered the PWLE European Title. He lost it to D3 in 2021 and recaptured it in 2022 in Miami-USA in his most important match ever. He also conquered the "Lugano Cup" one more time.


Beside wrestling, he has been part of several video productions as a stuntman and actor, in particularly with the multiple awards winning web series "Arthur" (Season 2), and as an extra on the Swiss splatter movie "Mad Heidi". Also on several videocplips and even released a short movie co-written and co-produced by him.